Driving Toward The Future

Ep. 27: Driving Toward The Future

Specified: Building Materials & Coatings Growth Podcast

After a varied career from corporate to nonprofit, Bob Chalker, CAE, is now CEO of NACE International, The Corrosion Society. He started at Packard Electric and crisscrossed his way to NACE, where he really found his current niche. NACE is the foremost organization for setting standards and offering certifications in corrosion control. It also provides conferences and direct learning for those in the industry to come together to learn about new products and methods of containing corrosion. NACE has 36,000 members in more than 130 countries. Along the way, he acquired experience in strategic planning, governance, operations management, business development, marketing, and financial management. He is also comfortable working globally in countries such as Brazil, China, and India. Through the lessons he’s learned, he formed his core philosophy. First, do right by your people, then do right by the business. And always remain mission-based but also fiscally responsible. One of the things he’s done at NACE is to have the website redesigned to improve outreach and to use more online communication such as Facebook and Twitter, even though the industry hasn’t completely caught up to these new avenues. He sees many new trends in corrosion mitigation. These new methods are available for extensive online study and courses for certification. These courses help the practitioner to keep pace with the ever-changing world.

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