Forms for QP Accreditation

QP application forms, checklists, and notification forms

Access all necessary forms related to applying and getting started with your QP Accreditation on this page. Once accredited, you can also access forms such as Job Notification, Corrective Action Plan, and Maintenance forms when needed.

Submit QP job notification, CAP, and maintenance application forms

The QP forms are now online! Based on your feedback, we’ve simplified access to the Job Notification, CAP, and Maintenance Application forms. Now available without logging in, simply click the link below for the form you need, then complete it, and submit it.

If you encounter any problems with the online forms, please contact us.

Access the QP application forms, checklists, and audit score sheets

Please choose the correct form for each specific program, download the PDF, and follow the instructions provided.

Craftworker assessment forms

The C7 and C13 Hands-On Skills Assessment Forms and SSPC Spray Painter Checklist below meet the worker assessment requirement of QP 1 and QP 3, which means they allow contractors to qualify their own workers for QP 1 and QP 3. Please click on the links to the forms that interest you: