QP 6 – Metallizing


Contractor metallizing accreditation

The QP 6 accreditation is to be used by facility owners or their protective coating specialists or specifying engineers to ensure that contractors hired to perform metallizing work to protect bridge, industrial or marine structures, or miscellaneous metal parts have the primary technical capabilities and organizational structure to do the work.

Get the QP 6 Standard

The QP 6 program evaluates the qualifications of industrial thermal spray (metallizing) contractors by evaluating the contracting firm annually through an on-site field audit where an independent SSPC auditor observes whether the contractor has the capability to evaluate and accept the preparation of the surface to be metallized and to thermally spray:

  1. Coatings of aluminum, zinc, and their alloys for corrosion protection of steel and/or
  2. Zinc anodes on steel reinforced concrete, in accordance with the quality and safety requirements of SSPC-QP 6

Contractors can achieve QP 6 accreditation for steel, concrete, or both.

Unless otherwise specified, SSPC-QP 6 requires the contractor to be SSPC-QP 1 accredited for field surface preparation and coating application, or SSPC QP 3 accredited for shop surface preparation and coating application, to supplement the requirements of this procedure.