EMERG Student Outreach Program


EMERG Student Outreach Program

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For EMERG, the term “students” includes all those that could potentially enter the materials protection industry. This includes students in primary and secondary schools, students in high schools, community colleges, and universities, as well as veterans and adults transitioning into the industry at older ages. Students can enter this model at any point in the life cycle.

EMERG is an acronym that defines a life cycle in which AMPP hopes to:

ENGAGE with students at an early age (Kindergarten – 8th grade) to introduce the industry in a fun and engaging manner. Engagement will continue as students progress through primary and secondary grade levels.

Once students enter high school, the goal is to MAGNETIZE (this is an intentional play-on-words as the goal is to attract the students to the industry) the students by providing them with information regarding the benefits of a career in coatings and corrosion control.

Once students are attracted to the industry, it becomes time to EDUCATE them appropriately. This can be through several channels. EMERG is working in partnership with community colleges and universities to help define the core competencies that the industry would like to see out of graduates and then assist to provide the content for curriculum. AMPP is also working to create a new program to provide vocational training to the high school student that would like to pursue a career in the skilled trades as a craft worker. EMERG also provides education and certification opportunities for veterans.

After entering the industry, AMPP will work to provide continuous opportunities to RAISE skill sets through professional development opportunities such as attending conferences and workshops, attending additional training courses, contributing to the creation of standards, etc.

EMERG will work to provide opportunities for those in the industry to GUIDE the younger generation by providing the tools to ENGAGE with young students locally by speaking in classrooms, judging science fairs, etc. as the EMERG life cycle begins again on itself.

AMPP Student Academic Scholarship Program

AMPP Student Academic Scholarship Program

See the list of 2023 AMPP Academic Scholarship Recipients

We are excited to share that with the merger of SSPC and NACE, comes an opportunity to build a stronger and more resourceful academic scholarship program in AMPP.  We have a widely inclusive program for students that will continue to expand over time!

The application period runs from September through January each year. Visit our scholarship website to view all opportunities. Each scholarship comes with a specific set of criteria required of the applicants, so please be sure to check out the details!

Our team is dedicated to supporting and expanding this program to provide a strong means of access for students entering the corrosion and protective coatings industry!

Workforce Development Program for U.S. Veterans

Workforce Development Program for U.S. Veterans

AMPP is committed to helping those qualified and interested receive the training and support they need to embark on a rewarding career in the corrosion and protective coatings industry. If selected to participate, the program provides a choice of three training paths, up to a Level I certification, and reimbursement for any necessary travel and lodging during training. Additionally, AMPP will match participants with a mentor to provide a knowledge base, counsel on career options within the corrosion protective coatings industry, and assist with opportunities for networking.

The summer program opens on June 1, 2023!

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Travel Assistance Program

Travel Assistance Program

Formerly offered through the NACE Foundation, the AMPP EMERG Student Outreach Program will provide Travel Assistance in the amount of $25,000 to help fund student travel to the AMPP spring conference. Travel Assistance awards are equally distributed, with a maximum of $300 (USD) allocated per applicant.

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For any questions regarding Travel Assistance, please contact EMERG@ampp.org.