Coating Courses and Certifications

Coatings courses and certifications

Our programs are designed for coatings professionals across multiple industries and can help prepare you for several of our credentials. They cover a variety of coatings topics and come in a range of delivery options.

Offerings worldwide
In-person and online offerings available
Fundamentals of protective coatings

Fundamentals of Protective Coatings (C1) Course

A practical and comprehensive overview pf protective coatings industry, standards, corrosion terminology, and more.

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Using SSPC-PA 2 Effectively

Using SSPC-PA 2 Effectively (PA 2) eCourse

One of the most frequently specified standards for frequency and acceptability of dry film thickness measurements.

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Math for the Coatings Professional

Math for the Coatings Professional eCourse

Brush up on critical math skills needed to succeed in the coatings industry.

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Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal (C3) Course

Learn background information on the hazards of lead and other toxic metals as well as a review of the current legal and regulatory issues.

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Equip yourself with knowledge to extend the life of your coatings projects

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) and Micro-Credential

CUI is most prevalent in the chemical/petrochemical, refining, offshore, and marine/maritime industries. If left undetected, CUI can result in catastrophic leaks or explosions, equipment failure, prolonged downtime due to repair or replacement, and safety and environmental concerns.

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Course

Course Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Micro-Credential

CUI micro-credential

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